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Rickshaw Tour of Jaipur

Rickshaw Tour of Jaipur

Duration: 0 Nights / 1 Days
Destination Covering : Jaipur

When we plan to visit a historical place then one name is always keep in mind, Yes that's Jaipur.

Rickshaw Tour of Jaipur will take you to explore the Pink City of Jaipur. During the tour we travel around the walled city of jaipur with its temples, monuments, shops, colourful bazaars and busy streets. View the architectural wonders, magnificently adorned shops, local men and women, visit historic private havelis ornamented with excellent wall paintings. We also stop for a while for a cup of tea and have conversation with the local people of jaipur.

Rickshaw tour of Pink City takes you to some interesting and amazing places which are unknown behind the busy life and modern structures of the Pink City. If you to travel around the walled city of jaipur and want to see the hidden sights and the beautiful streets of jaipur then this tour is best for you. This tour is very well designed by us and is a perfect way to explore the city and the sights which are unknown to many people. We will experience the vibrant colours and beauty of this amazing heritage City.

Every path and street of the pink city has something interesting to offer and diving into these narrow alleyways is nothing less than a “Treasure Hunt” game. Our properly designed and relaxed Rickshaw ride takes you into some of the prominent places or areas of jaipur like historic places and temples which are decorated with beautiful paintings, sample finger licking gracefulness from popular street vendors.

During the tour visit the various bazaars of jaipur and meet the local artisans of different communities like marble sculpture makers, Kundan and Meenakari workers (Gold enamellers), Pannigars (gold and silver foil makers), Manihars (Lac bangle makers) who are engaged in making traditional art & craft.

This tour gives you an opportunity to know about the kindness of the local people of Jaipur and also about their hospitality.

Note: This tour starts from Albert Hall Museum of Jaipur and ends at Chandpol Bazaar. This tour is organized by us daily between 8:00 am to 4.30 pm.

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